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The BCX Network Management Tools are designed to provide additional, easy to use functionality for your network, by leveraging inbuilt technologies in Microsoft Server products.

This guide contains information for system administrators on how to use the software on a day to day basis.

Documentation to help you with a new setup is available in the Installation Guide.


We recommend you read an overview of Assignments and Exceptions before you begin.

Main Controls Manager Tools Other Tools Maintenance
Shortcut Management Logon Sessions Change Password Settings
Package Tasks Limit Logon Rename Computer Backup and Restore
Printer Tasks Messaging Client Simulate Software CA Installer
Wallpaper Tasks Client Policy Internet Switch Feedback and Bug Report
Scheduled Tasks Task Automation Manager Branding
Users and Computers Logon Modeling Wizard BCX Update
Station Information MIS Compare
User Information Web Tools
Security Information

Previous Versions

BCX Network Management Tools v2.x Documentation

BCX Network Management Tools v3.x Documentation